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Questions and Answers


You can get in touch with us through various channels, such as sending an email, filling out the form on the website, writing to us on WhatsApp, or calling us. We will inform you of the availability on the requested date and, after payment, confirm your reservation.

It is mandatory to always book in advance to reserve Ansèm exclusively for you and to give us time to prepare the space to welcome you in the best possible way.

The price may vary according to the days (if it’s weekly or on the weekend) and also to the periods of the year. You can find updated prices on our website, or you can contact us for customized quotes.

You can pay with Satispay, Paypal (and therefore credit cards), bank transfer, or cash.

Upon receiving payment, we will send a map and directions to reach Ansèm.

If you wish to use Ansèm for a corporate meeting or team building activities, you can send us your data via email or WhatsApp and we can issue an invoice.

Yes, you certainly can. Contact us so we can propose to you the ideal solution. We can send a digital voucher directly to the person via WhatsApp or email. The voucher is to be used within 2 years of receipt, and we will be available to make the reservation on the preferred day.

Currently, with the standard configuration, we can welcome up to 18 people. However, for larger numbers, and with an adjustment of the rates we can add chairs, tables and awnings.

The price includes the use of the entire fenced hill of approximately 7500m2, the use of its fittings and services, drinking water, firewood and charcoal for the fireplace and barbecue, electricity, and the subsequent cleaning of the areas used.

The proposed rates are already carefully calculated with regard to making the activity sustainable, and thus discounts cannot be requested.

Children up to 4 years old have free access, from 5 on they are considered as paying customers.

We have planned 3 standard time slots to enjoy Ansèm in various atmospheres:

05-9:30 am to watch the sunrise and have breakfast,

10-16 for picnic lunches

17-23 for sunset and evening picnics

However, you can reserve the area for the whole day or longer hours upon request.

As an outdoor experience, it can be enjoyed from April to the end of October. Ansèm is dismantled in the winter months

No, the area is left exclusively to those who reserve it and their group for the agreed-upon time.

Each guest is responsible for their own actions and the proper use of the spaces and property. Common sense and good manners apply. The area and those who access it are covered by an insurance for any accidental damage For disputes, security camera recordings may be reviewed, and legal proceedings will be handled by our legal representatives.

The area already has plenty of seating to ensure comfort. If the number of people exceeds 18, arrangements will need to be made, and additional furnishings can be provided.

If the damage is caused by bad manners or improper use of the fittings, compensation will be requested. However, if the damage is due to accidental or degradation-related breakages, maintenance and restoration will be at the expense of the organization. In case of disputes, surveillance cameras can be checked to determine the circumstances of the incident and the responsibilities.

If strong thunderstorms or wind are forecasted, we recommend changing the date. If only light rainfall is expected, the decision will be upon the client. The Berber tent is waterproof, so shelter can be provided during brief and sudden summer thunderstorms. Often in summer, after small storms, there can be very suggestive light atmospheres, and, with suitable clothing, the experience at Ansèm can therefore be very exciting and authentic even with not completely favorable weather conditions, while admiring the natural summer events, the clouds, the changes of light.. It depends on the spirit with which one wants to experience the place and on one’s ability to adapt and accept atmospheric events.

Yes, it is possible. The refund is free in case of cancellation at least 48 hours in advance or in case of heavy rain. Otherwise, if the cancellation occurs a few hours ahead of the booked time and date, the amount cannot be refunded, but there is the possibility to reschedule the experience.


Ansèm is located in the heart of a UNESCO World Heritage site, just a few minutes away from Alba, Barbaresco, Neive, Mango, Santo Stefano Belbo, Cortemilia, Monforte, Barolo, La Morra, Grinzane Cavour. The exact location is communicated only to those who book, to preserve the privacy of visitors and to ensure the maximum exclusivity of the experience in respect of nature and relaxation.

All information is provided to allow autonomous access to the area, so you have the maximum freedom on arrival and departure times (within the agreed time frame) without any staff present. However, if extra services are requested or if payment still needs to be made in cash, a person will be available on site as previously agreed with the guests.

Flowering varies according to the climatic conditions of the year. On average the months are from June to July. This is the most fascinating and requested period, but the beauty of the place and the landscape is worth a visit at any other time from spring to autumn, every day offers suggestive scenarios and atmospheres.

Yes, the area is under video surveillance 24/7 only for security purposes to prevent vandalism or theft, unauthorized access and to verify the images in the event of problems or disputes. Maximum confidentiality is guaranteed.

Yes, the main part is the large Berber tent, about 30sqm, then there are some trees offering shelter from the sun heat and a shading cover in the Water area.

Yes, it is possible to smoke, we just ask you to extinguish cigarettes well and not to throw cigarette butts on the ground but only in the appropriate ashtrays, fireplace or barbecue.

Close to the Ether area of the tent there are containers for separate waste collection. We kindly ask you to divide the waste correctly to facilitate disposal.

No, for safety reasons it’s not possible to start fires elsewhere than the barbecue and fireplace. It is only possible to light fire in the fireplace and barbecue area using the equipment provided by us. It’s not recommended to use them in case of strong wind. In case of emergency, fire extinguishers and water taps are available nearby and clearly visible.

Yes, pets are welcome, but they must be kept from soiling the main pathways. We recommend tying them on a leash or keeping them only in the event that other dogs or horses are passing by for a walk to avoid frightening them and creating discomfort for the owners.

Ansem is not accessible by public transportation. You can get there by car, motorcycle, bike, or hiking. We recommend parking at the foot of the hill and walking the short 300-meter path to the top. However, if there are people with mobility difficulties, small children or it is necessary to carry many things, access is allowed directly to the upper part with only one car per group with an extra cost indicated on the booking page

With an extra cost indicated on the booking page, it is possible to reach the location directly by car in the upper part where the Berber tent is located. The lavender field, the tent and the toilets can also be reached with a wheelchair or crutches, the toilets are spacious, however, the help of a person is essential as it is a countryside terrain with gravel, a slight slope, earth or small pebbles. On the other hand, the Water and Fire areas located along the path may not be accessible to everyone, as the hill’s conformation can only be walked on by people with good motor skills.

Cycling is one of the most beautiful ways to reach Ansèm, you can get there from a small dirt road. Groups of cycle tourists are also welcome, the location is ideal as a stopover and refreshment point during a hill tour. It is also possible to charge ebikes using the special charging sockets located on the side of the hut. Simultaneous charging of up to 6 bikes is supported.

Yes, your 2-wheel vehicle can be parked in the roadside parking and you can reach the hilltop walking along the path or, with an extra service payment of 10€ you can reach the summit and park there.

Roadside parking at the bottom of the trail is free, request if you want to go to the top to park nearer the summit and lavender field. The road is not paved and is not recommended for very low or sports cars.

The main parking lot is on the roadside at the foot of the trail. We recommend this option for a short walk along the path to discover each area of the hill step by step before reaching the summit and the lavender field, You can thus enjoy breathtaking views. The walk also allows you to slowly enter the spirit of the place, leaving the daily routine behind and immersing yourself in a new dimension. Although the path is about 300 meters long and can be slowly walked in a few minutes, we recommend that you get organize with comfortable backpacks or bags to carry the necessary items. In special cases where there are very small children, pushchairs, people with mobility difficulties or many things to carry for a group of several people, only one car has direct access to the upper part. It is a dirt road and not recommended only for extremely sporty or lowered cars.

The visit to Ansèm is an outdoor experience in a lavender field on a hill at about 450 meters above sea level, so despite the comforts we have provided, it is necessary to dress in comfortable clothing, closed shoes with good grip to avoid slipping, and clothes to protect you in case the day is windy or the temperature drops in the evening. Bring an extra sweater or jacket, it can always be useful! We also recommend a hat and sunscreen for sunnier days. In case you wish to use the Water area, i.e., the tank tub with a view and shower, bring your swimwear, towel and bathrobe, slippers. The better equipped and organized you are, the more you can enjoy all the natural stimuli of the place without worrying about any small weather changes.

Given the slope of the two sides of the hill and the presence of gravel, we discourage movement games or balls that could roll down the hill with consequent difficulties for their recovery.

Facilities and services.

We recommend bringing bottled drinks and mineral water, however,the water that flows from the taps is fresh and drinkable, provided by the Langhe aqueduct.

No, there are no stoves, induction plates, pots, pans, or dishes. However, it is possible to cook meat, vegetables, fish, eggs, or whatever you desire using the BBQ grill provided. Here’s a short video. We’ll take care of the cleaning after use. However, a microwave oven is available.

Yes, there is an SMEG refrigerator with a small freezer compartment.

Yes, there is a Bluetooth speaker available with several pre-loaded tracks on a micro SD card. You can also connect your phone to listen to your favorite music.

There is no electric or other type of heating; the experience is recommended during the warmer season with appropriate clothing based on weather conditions. However, you can warm up in the Fire area where there is an outdoor fireplace with chairs and benches to spend moments of conviviality around a fire. The Spolert barbecue brazier can also serve as a hearth if necessary, with wood, firelighters and lighters available.

There is a sink and a toilet, mirror, and shower with non-heated water. The facilities have a country-chic design with wood and bark walls for privacy but are open-air, meaning they have no top cover, providing an original experience immersed in nature. We leave toilet paper and soap at your disposal.

There is already a barbecue available on site. However, if you prefer to use your own, it’s possible to use it exclusively next to ours on the gravel, away from the grass and the tent to avoid damage.

Wood and charcoal are available on site, but you are free to bring any additional products that you already use and are familiar with.

There are no classic games like swings, slides, or anything else. Children can bring their own games, but small country-style amusements will be installed in Ansèm over time. The project is constantly evolving also through the feedback we receive from our guests.

No, but there is a steel tank of about 2m in diameter that allows you to immerse yourself and cool off on hot summer days and where children can play with water. The water is regularly treated with chlorine and filtered to ensure cleanliness and hygiene. The depth of the pool is 61 cm only because it is meant to be safe for children who must always use it under the supervision of an adult. It is a comfortable size for adults as well, to sit comfortably with the water up to their shoulders, resting their elbows on the edge, while sipping a refreshing drink. The tank may not be available during colder periods in spring or fall.

Yes, of course! It is the ideal solution for an informal picnic, eating your favorite foods.

There are no bicycles available on site. If you wish to reach Ansèm by ebike, we can provide references for rental companies and cycling tour guides who can guide you on a journey to discover the hills with Ansèm as a stopping point.

The area already has plenty of seating to ensure comfort. If the number of people exceeds 18, arrangements will need to be made, and additional furnishings can be provided.

The natural conformation of the hill has a rather steep side, it has been made accessible and can be visited through paths that can only be traveled on foot and therefore cannot be reached by people with severe motor impairment. The upper part where the lavender field is located is accessible by car with internal parking provided as an extra service at the price indicated on the reservations page. The services and the Berber tent are also accessible to people with disabilities if helped and accompanied, because there are some slight declivities and gravel. The bathroom facilities are spacious but generally require assistance. For the sake of respecting the natural surroundings dedicated to agriculture and cultivation, no use of cement or tiled walkways was made.


Check out the customized experiences section to choose from the proposed activities. If you have any additional ideas or needs, we are happy to evaluate them with you.

Yes, it is possible, respecting good rules of conduct, avoiding shouting, loud music, and respecting the place and its fittings.

Tell us your idea and we’ll help you make it happen by adjusting setups, spaces, and advising you on possible service providers.

The use of own drones is not permitted, to protect the privacy of the place. It is only possible to fly a drone if you book our piloting experience with an instructor and drones from the Lavezzo Studios company.

Lavender picking is prohibited unless authorized and agreed upon as an additional experience. If you wish, you can book the floral art workshop held by our partner Colombano Fiori.

In the “Surroundings” section, you will find some indications. However, there are many possibilities. Depending on the time you have and your interests, we can recommend itineraries, places, or further experiences that can allow you to experience our hills in the best possible way.

We will be very pleased if you post images and videos related to your visit to Ansèm. You can tag us on social media, our word-of-mouth is important to us and we are happy to share with joy with anyone who is animated by our same spirit of adventure. We only ask not to share the geographical position with GPS and not to give directions for access to guarantee the peace and privacy of the place.

Ansèm is not a restaurant or a bar. You can bring from home whatever you wish to consume or buy what you want to eat and drink at your trusted shops. Additionally, you can buy menus in the places we can suggest to you (visit the “mangiare” section). You can bring what you want to eat from home, or buy food and beverages in your trusted shops. You can also purchase take-away menus from local delicatessen or restaurants. (Check out the “Eating at Ansèm” section) For special events it is possible to hire a caterer to serve and set up the area in order to enjoy a carefree service. You can arrive and find everything ready for you.

It’s not possible to stay overnight, the area is not equipped with beds or tent spots. We can however recommend hotels and B&Bs nearby if you want to organize a holiday in the Langhe. Visit the “Accommodation” page

Special events

Ansèm can be a wonderful location for weddings, but due to its location, access logistics and size, it can only host small events, up to around 50-70 people. Symbolic weddings can be celebrated in the lavender fields or the reception can be held at Ansèm. However, specific setups are required, including integrating the existing furnishings into the standard configuration, any additional shading covers, or a backup plan in case of bad weather. Contact us and we can certainly find an optimal solution to make your dream come true. If necessary, we can suggest suppliers for floral arrangements, video and photographic shooting, musicians, audio and lighting technicians, fitters, wedding planners and celebrants.

Ansèm was designed to bring small groups of friends together to share moments as in the case of bachelorette or bachelor parties. You can enjoy the location exclusively and laugh, joke and say what you want without having curious table neighbors or to disturb. In addition to a picnic, special experiences can be combined, such as flowers upon arrival, a musician, a treasure hunt, a yoga session or a celebratory ritual to experience intense emotions as a group and strengthen bonds. Let us know what the celebrated guest likes and we will help you create and personalize the party, always in the name of feeling good together, but without excesses.

Yes, especially during the lavender flowering months of June and July, Ansèm becomes a wonderful set for both commercial and personal photo shoots. We can also arrange country or shabby chic setups, provide accessories, and even bring horses or other elements that fit your needs. We suggest entrusting your event to us

Bring your partner here and the surprise effect will be guaranteed! You can think of a sunset aperitif or a party with family, there is no better way to renew a promise in a unique and magical setting. To capture this moment, we recommend the photos and videos of

If your significant other dreams of romantic and memorable moments, a marriage proposal in the lavender fields might be just the thing to get the ‘yes’ you desire. It could be just the 2 of you, or discreetly hire a photographer or videographer to capture this special moment. To capture this moment, we recommend the photos and videos of

Having meetings or spending moments of conviviality in unusual places that motivate creativity and productivity can only be useful for a company. The benefits will last for many months to come. We can help you by taking care of every detail, technical setup, buffet, outdoor team building activities. Never before has it been important to create a close-knit team and invest in your people. Ansèm, Enjoy life together, there is no better motto!

Yes, we can host birthday parties for small groups and in healthy conviviality without excess. Ideal for families and children who want to spend an afternoon of freedom and light-heartedness or for adults celebrating with grills and drinks in the evening. Possibility of entertainment services, magic shows and much more.

Ansèm can be an open-air tasting room to taste wines, cheeses, cured meats and all products of this wonderful land. If you are a producer, you can contact us to welcome your best customers in a unique location, or if you are part of a group of food and wine enthusiasts, we can organize a sensory experience with some local producers.

If you are a tour operator, a hotel, a restaurant or tourist organization, we can certainly collaborate! Get in touch with us and we can work together to meet your customers’ needs and provide you with the necessary support.

Contact us, we are open to consider any possible collaboration to improve our project day by day… Shared ideals, values, ideas, and professionalism are essential.

If you offer services that can be in harmony with our project, we are happy to evaluate your proposal.

Describe your main activities, channels, and followers target and we will evaluate opportunities together.