ansem enjoy life together picnic lavanda langhe


In this section, you will find information, advice, and rules of conduct to fully experience the outdoors experience at Ansèm while respecting the environment and people.

NOTE: The management declines all responsibility for accidents, damage and/or injuries to people or things caused by imprudence or failure to comply with the regulations.

Access to the area implies the implicit and conscious acceptance of the following rules:

  1. Access the Ansèm area only after having booked and paid the agreed fee, respecting the agreed times and the number of people who will come with you. The area is under video surveillance, therefore any unauthorized access will be recognized.
  2. Do not communicate access information or the address to third parties, if you too have appreciated the peace, help us to preserve the tranquility of the place.
  3. We ask visitors to respect the furnishings and the crops, to leave the spaces tidy and to throw the rubbish into the appropriate waste collection containers. Our staff will be in charge of the general cleaning of the area and of the barbecue. In case of intentional damage or damage caused by negligence, claims for compensation will be activated.
  4. Keep the volume of the music low as being on the top of the hill, despite being far from buildings, the sounds spread quickly in the environment.
  5. Do not use drones for aerial filming unless the experience is purchased with one of our certified pilots.
  6. Use the barbecue and fireplace with caution in case of strong wind, containing the vigor of the fire and always monitoring the area. Check the position of the fire extinguishers in order to be able to use them in case of emergency. Leave the area only after making sure that flames and embers area extinguished.
  7. Do not light fires in other areas that are not expressly purposed.
  8. Dress in a comfortable and practical way, with shoes with a good grip to avoid slipping on the paths. Bring warm clothing in case of wind or dropping temperatures in the evening.
  9. Responsible use of water and electricity.
  10. Any pets can be left free, with the caution of keeping them when horses pass by on a walk to avoid any inconvenience.
  11. In case there are small children in the group, always supervise their activities and watch over the water tank without ever leaving them alone.
  12. As this is an agricultural field on a hill with small and natural asperities, it is not recommended to play ball games or engage in physical activity and wild play